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Australian biomes: Home

This LibGuide will direct you to relevant information on the different biomes in Australia including the bush, coast, desert, forest, rainforests, and city.

Great books on Australian biomes

Most of the books about Biomes/Ecology/Environments/Habitats are in the 577 section of the Non-fiction shelves.

To find a specific Australian biome, check this list:

Australian Bush/Grassland/Woodland     577.4

Australian Coast/Marine environment      577.51

Australian Deserts                                      577.54

Australian Rainforests                                577.34   

Australian Cities/Urban environment        919.4

Searching the Web

There is a lot of material available on the Internet therefore it is important to use effective search techniques to find the right material to suit your needs.

Decide on your Search terms. Try Ecology - Australia or Environment - Australia or Biome - Australia

Or be more specific. Try Deserts - Australia, Rainforests - Australia, Coastal areas - Australia, Bush - Australia, Woodlands - Australia 


Weblinks Online is a database of websites that you can use as a starting point before you venture into the wider web.

Access Weblinks Online from the Access It Homepage:

You will need a login and password to access Weblinks Online. See the Resource Centre staff.

Try these web-sites

Click on these web-sites for information on deserts, rainforests, coasts, cities and bushland.

Australian biomes

Great series of books on Australian biomes


Check out the Australian Habitats series of books, on Deserts, Oceans, and Rainforests. All available from the Resource Centre.






Check out the series of books, titled A land of diversity which includes Australia's deserts, Australia's rainforests and Australia's waterways. All are available from the Resource Centre.


Maps of Australia

Physical map of Australia

Check out Free World Map for maps of Australia.


View this Clickview video  Australia - an ecological profile  for information on arid, monsoonal, temperate, woodlands and coastal zones.