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Ancient China: Ancient China

Use this LibGuide to access books, databases and web-sites on Ancient China.

Searching the library catalogue

Search the library catalogue Access-it for books on Ancient China.

Decide on your search terms.

You could try Ancient China, China - Civilisation, China - History or China - Social life and customs.

Or you could try more specific terms, for example, Great Wall of China or Han dynasty.

Most of the books about Ancient China are in the 931 section of the Non-fiction shelves.

Also check the general books on Ancient Civilisations at 930 using the contents pages and index to guide you to information about China.

Books not to be missed

Map of China

map of ancient china

Searching the Web



Weblinks Online is a database of websites that you can use as a starting point before you venture into the wider web. 

Click on the icon to start searching.
You will need a login and password to access Weblinks Online. See the Resource Centre staff.

Or try a different Seach Engine than Google.

Do an instaGrok search on Ancient China.

Results will be displayed in a visual diagram. Check out the links to web-sites, images and video on Ancient China.

Search Ancient China on World Book Online. See the Resource Centre staff for a login and password.

Try these web-sites

View this youtube clip

Watch this Crash Course History video by John Green.


Check out this video clip and hip hop song lyrics on Ancient China called Chinese Knowledge.