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Australia in the 1950s: Australia in the 1950s

This LibGuide will provide resources on life in Australia in the 1950s. It focuses on Rights and Freedoms, the Stolen Generation, Aboriginal land rights and Women's Liberation.

Australia in the 1950s


 (Image of Melbourne Town Hall from the State Library of Victoria digital photo collection)

This LibGuide covers many aspects of life in Australia during the 1950s including daily life, important events, women's rights and Aboriginal rights and the stolen generation.


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Aboriginal Peoples - social policy and history

Women in Australia - Policy and government

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Modern World History Online Database

The Modern World History Online Database is a must use resource for this subject. You will find Biographies, Events, Primary Sources, Images, Videos, Maps and Charts.

Books on 1950s Australia

Books on Aboriginal Rights

Web Links on The 1950s

Indigenous Rights

Women's Liberation

There is quite a bit of information about women's liberation.

Read about the changing rights and freedoms for women.

Check out the information about the Australian Union of Women established in 1950.

Also, quite interesting is the information on the History of International Women's Day

News Reels from 1950s Australia

Screen Australia

Screen Australia has a collection of audio visual material (documentaries, ads, film, home movies, music)

Make sure you watch all these news reels on life in 1950s Australia which include advertisements, home movies and film.


View My Place 1958, the story of Michaelis, a young boy from a Greek migrant family living in Australia in the 1950s.

Growing up Australian in the 1950s

One family's memories of growing up in the 1950s.

Australia in the 1950s