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Brooklyn: Brooklyn

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The novel Brooklyn, by Colm Tobin, can be found in the Resource Centre in the Senior fiction shelves at TOIB.

Visit Colm Toibin's official website for biographical details and background information on Brooklyn.

Study Guides

Colm Toibin - biography


Visit the following web-sites for information on Colm Toibin, his life and achievements.


BBC World Book Club Interview

Hariett Gilbert talks to Irish author Colm Toibin about his book Brooklyn.

A haunting tale of love, loss and familial duty, and winner of the 2009 UK Costa Novel Award, Brooklyn follows the fortunes of a young Irish woman who leaves home to make a new life for herself in 1950s New York.

Hear how Colm's own painful memories of homesickness in America and Spain inform Eilis' experiences in Brooklyn and how her ambivalent relationship to the small town Ireland she's left behind also echoes Colm Toibin's own.

The Guardian Book Club podcast

Colm Tóibín meets the Guardian book club

The novelist talks to John Mullan about his novel Brooklyn and the 'system of silence' organising its story of a nervous young emigrant.


Texts in the city series

Colm Toibin in conversation

Must view excellent discussion of this text presented at the Wheeler's Centre.

The author of Brooklyn discusses his latest novel.

Brooklyn - Movie Trailer

Historical Context

Access background information and information on the historical context of the novel to enhance your understanding.




There have been numerous reviews written on the novel, Brooklyn.

Read the reviews written in international newspapers such as The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Telegraph.

Also read the reviews published on various literary websites, including Litlovers, Bookssnob and Bookreporter.


Review - Carol Beu The Women's Bookshop

Analysis and Discussion Questions

Colm Toibin on the movie Brooklyn