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Legal Studies Resources: Legal Studies Resources

This guide is for year 10-12 students studying Legal Studies. It has links to many useful websites and legal resources.

Legal Studies

The Legal System

The Australian Legal System

When beginning to study Legal Studies for the first time, you may find it worthwhile reading an overview of Australia's Legal System. In particular, the section on the courts will assist in searching case law on the Internet.

There is also good information about Indigenous Law and Justice Framework.

You may also like to check the information on Rights and Responsibilities.

Useful Weblinks



Newspapers / Media

Newspapers and media sites will be important sources of information for you this year. You can access Newspaper sites and our indexes directly from the Access It Homepage. To get to this page just click on Library at the top of this guide.

Senior students can also sign up to access The Age Digital Edition. Please see Resource Centre Staff for help with this.

From the main Library page you can access Newsbank, Echo, The Age and other media sites



Newsbank is a full text data base of newspaper articles from The Age, The Herald / Sun and The Australian:


Echo is an index to the newspapers and also provides excellent information on various current issues:

The Law Handbook

The Law Handbook

The Law Handbook is an online resource published by The Fitzroy Legal Service. Some features are:

  • Search function
  • Plain English legal resource for the public
  • Database of Addresses and Contact Details
  • Glossary of Legal Terms
  • Links to other websites

This is an invaluable resource all Legal Studies students should spend some time getting to know.

The Rule of Law

How laws are made - Courts

How laws are made - Parliament

What is jury service?