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The life and times of the thunderbolt kid: Home

This LibGuide will provide access to a variety of online resources on this text.


This book is available in the Resource Centre at 973.92 BRY.


As The life and times of the thunderbolt kid is largely biographical, you should find out more about Bill Bryson's life and experiences. Check out his official web-site

 Also try these sites:

 ABC The Book Club


Famous Authors.


1950s America

To understand the setting of this book and to gain an informed perspective on what is was like to grow up in America in the 1950s as Bill Bryson did, you should check out the following websites.



Shmoop; Society in the 1950s

US History

Rewind the 50s

People's memories from the 1950s


Animated excerpt

Home Movies

Video of children playing 1950s