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Mabo: Mabo

This LibGuide provides resources to support students' study of the film text 'Mabo'.

Mabo Film as text

This DVD (AV 791.43 MAB) is available from the Resource Centre for teacher use.

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Relevant Laws

In understanding the context of this text, you may wish to read about some of the laws relating to Indigenous people.

It is worth reading about the The Racial Discrimination Act passed by Gough Whitlam in 1975 and browsing the Human Rights Commission site.

Over time a range of laws concerning Indigenous Australians have been passed  since the European settlement of Australia, initially by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, then by the Governors or legislature of each Australian colonies and more recently by the Parliament of Australia and that of each of its States and Terrritories,

The most relevant to you in your study of Mabo is the Native Title Act. Good background information is available on the ABS website, Wikipedia, the NFSA digital learning site, the Creative Spirits site and the information published by the Human Rights Council.


There have been numerous reviews on this film. Read what the critics have said about Mabo.

Supplementary material

This DVD, Mabo: life of an island man (AV 346.9404 MAB), is available from the Resource Centre for teacher use.


Background Information

Noel Pearson' s eulogy for Gough Whitlam

ABC News - 20th anniversary of Mabo decision

SBS Living Black - Mabo anniversary

Film analysis