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Famous Scientists: Famous scientists

This LibGuide will help you access resources on scientists and their achievements.

Famous Scientists

Rachel Carson

Marine biologist and conservationist

Rosalind Franklin

Chemist and x-ray crystallographer

Louis Pasteur

Chemist and microbiologist who discovered principles of vaccination and pasteurisation

Marie Curie

Physicist and chemist who pioneered research on radioactivity

Joseph Lister

Surgeon, pioneer of antiseptic surgery

Mary Leakey

Paleoanthropologist, discovered first Proconsul skull

Cheryl Praeger


Isobel Bennett

Australian marine biologist

Howard Florey

Australian pharmacologist

Searching the Catalogue


Search the Library Catalogue for some great books on Scientists available from the Marian College Resource Centre.

Great Books


Reference Books

World Book Online


Search World Book Online for information on different scientists. You can get a password to access this database at the library.

Science Online Database

Search the database for biographical information on many scientists.

Click on Key People for lists of scientists.


Search Weblinks for excellent websites on different scientists.

Women Scientists

Australian Scientists

Scientists Web-sites


Search You Tube for short biographical films that may be available on your chosen scientist.

This one is on Howard Florey and his work on penicillin.


You must always include a Bibliography with your research assignments.

Check out Ergo for easy to understand information on how to write a bibliography.

There are some great tools available online to help you, try this online referencing tool .


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