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Skellig: Skellig

This LibGuide will assist you with your study of Skellig providing links to some great resources.


The novel, Skellig, by David Almond can be found in the Resource Centre in the Fiction shelves at ALMO.

Visit David Almond's official web-site for biographical details and background information on Skellig and his latest novels.

Skellig: Movie Trailer

Study Guides

Read the following study guides to further your understanding of this novel.

English Resources

LitLovers Study Guide




There have been numerous reviews written on the novel, Skellig.

Read the various reviews to find out what other readers think of this novel.

The Guardian

Good Reads

Reading Matters

The Book Bag

Wondrous Reads


Teen Reads





Read these interviews with David Almond about what inspired him to write the award winning novel, Skellig and his other novels.


January Magazine

Books for Keeps

Poetry: William Blake



David Almond in Skellig often refers to the poet, William Blake and his beautiful poetry.

 Read about William Blake's life, in particular, about his visions and their effect on his writing and art.

Poem Hunter  - All poems of the poet, William Blake

Read Infant Joy, Infant Sorrow, Tiger Tiger, The Angel and The Schoolboy, all which are referred to in Skellig.

Theme: Angels


The theme of angels is explored in Skellig.

There are different ideas and perspectives on angels. 

Spirit Home

Angels Net

Explore this theme further by checking out these resources.

Films about angels

Angels Images

Popular Angels books

Greek Myths

David Almond refers to the Greek Myths of Persephone and of Icarus in Skellig. Watch the videos of the two stories.

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