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This subject LibGuide will give you access to various resources to aid you in your study of Texts and Traditions.

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Literary styles of the Bible

These articles may be useful.

Religious epics

Verbal Art and Literary Sensibilities

For an overview of Literary genres in the Bible, try Wikipedia Biblical Genre, Got Questions, Bible Gateway or Overview Bible.



For more information on the process of exegesis, check out the following websites.

Read Richard Ascough's guide to  Biblical Exegesis.

Read the notes by H. Wallace to lead you through the process of exegesis.

Another useful resource is Biblical Exegesis: An introductory overview by Felix Just.

Marquette University - Biblical Studies: Conducting Exegesis

Check out the commentaries listed below.

It is important that you are critical of all the resources you use. Always be aware of bias, credibility and authorship.

Bible in Film

Current use of Biblical texts through art

Life in Biblical Times

For information on what life was like during Jesus' time, access the Life at the Time of Jesus LibGuide