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The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif: Home

Use this LibGuide to access various resources on this text including study guides, notes and background information.

Study Guides

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Background reading

Background reading Asylum seekers and refugees

AudioVisual Resources

Check out the following DVDs available from the Resource Centre.

AV 920 MAZ            Robert Hillman presentation on The rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif (Marian College 2011)

AV 958.104 AFG     Afghanistan: a survivor's tale 

AV 958.104 IN         In a strange land (Four Corners 2010)

AV 323.6 ALL          All God's beggars: asylum seekers in Australia

Searching the Web

Although there is a lot of material available on the Web, it is important to use effective search techniques to find the right material to suit your needs. For background information on this text, decide on your Search terms. Try a broad search on Afghanistan, Taliban, "conflict in Afghanistan", detention centres, asylum seekers or refugees. And be sure to be evaluate websites for authority and objectivity. 


Podcast of Robert Hillman and Najaf Mazari

Encountering conflict

Life in Afghanistan

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