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Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men: Home

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Twelve angry men

The play, Twelve angry men can be found in the Nonfiction shelves at 822.914 ROS

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Refer to the Study Guides for indepth analysis of narrative, characters and themes.

Reginald Rose - biography

Visit the following web-sites for information on Reginald Rose, his life and achievements.

Historical Context


Access background information and information on the historical context of the play to enhance your understanding,

For an understanding and appreciation of the play's context and setting, check out 1950s America which gives an overview of society and culture at this time.

For an overview of the twentieth century American judicial system, visit Judicial System or Outline of the US Legal System.

For definitons of the legal terms used in the play, visit Law dictionary or US Courts glossary

Theatre style



Twelve angry men is considered to be a realist or naturalist drama. This style of theatre is concerned with everyday life. 

Texts in the city series


Must view excellent discussion of this text presented at the Wheeler's Centre.

Tony Birch and guest Chris Mead take a look at Reginald Rose's classic 1950s legal drama, Twelve angry men.

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