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VCE Research Guide: VCE English

A guide for VCE students to use that contains general research tips and information. The guide also has a page of resources that relate directly to VCE English.

Newspapers / Media

Newspapers and media sites will be important sources of information for you this year. Current information will be needed especially for English. You can access information directly from the Access It Homepage. To get to this page just click on Library at the top of this guide.

From the main Library page you can access Newsbank, Echo, The Age and other media sites. See Resource Centre staff for passwords.


Newsbank is a full text data base of newspaper articles from The Age, The Herald / Sun and The Australian:


Echo is an index to the newspapers and also provides excellent information on various current issues:


Check out the Issues in Society series. This is a great collection of books on various contemporary issues. Each book includes vital information in the form of articles, statistics, interviews and images.

Persuasive Language Websites

To access some extra information on persuasive language techniques, visit the following web-sites.

Oral Presentations

Givng an oral presentation can be quite daunting. Check out the following web-sites for some practical advice to help you with this task.

Oral Presentations