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Ramp up your Research Skills

Being a clever student is as much about working smart and efficiently as it is about natural inclination. 

Here are some tools that if you master them will make you a clever student, help you to organise your study routine and help you develop study skills which will set you up for study beyond school.

Why use these resources - because otherwise you are just "skimming the surface" with your research.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar doesn't look for information on the WWW Internet. It looks for professional journal articles and academic articles. Some of these can be a bit too hard but sometimes your topic is very specific and you can get some AWESOME results.

Note that Google Scholar sometimes refers to books showing just an abstract (summary) and sometimes it refers to magazine articles which you need to pay for. Hunt around, dig deep!

Advanced Searching

So you think you know Google?

You use it everyday, but do you really use it properly or do you just hit randomly and browse around a bit?

Here are some tips and hints on how to be strategic in your searching and how to get the most out of google searching.

Power Searching Part 1

Video Link Here

Power Searching Part 2

Video Link Here