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Women of the Bible: Women of the Bible

This guide is for year 7 students who have to researcha female biblical figure of the Old Testament.

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Women of the bible

 Most of the books about Biblical time are in the 220 section of the Non-fiction shelves.

Search the Marian College Resource Centre library catalogue AccessIt  for available resources.

Useful books

World Religions Online

The World Religions Online database is a good resource for this topic. Enter the name of the woman you are researching into the search box. You can save information, print it and get citation information for your bibliography.

Miriam and Baby Moses


Searching the Web



There is a lot of material available on the Internet therefore it is important to use effective search techniques to find the right material to suit your needs.

Decide on your Search terms.

Try a broad search on Women of the Bible

Or be more specific and try the name of the woman you are researching:

Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Jael, Ruth, Judith, Esther

but add and Bible times, e.g Sarah and Bible Times

Try these web-sites

Click on these web-sites for information on Women in the Bible.

Ruth - A Faithful Woman

Sarah and Abraham

Deborah and Jael

Judith beheads Holofernes