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Year of Wonders: Year of wonders

This LibGuide will assist students in their study of this text by providing resources and readings.

Year of Wonders

The novel, Year of Wonders, by Geraldine Brooks can be found in the Resource Centre in the Senior fiction shelves at BROO.

Visit Geraldine Brook's official web-site for biographical details and background information.

Study Guides

Geraldine Brooks - biography



For some background information on Geraldine Brooks and her career as a journalist and writer, check out these sites.





Geraldine Brooks has been interviewed numerous times about her writing and experiences.


The Book Club with Jennifer Byrne


Geraldine Brooks 2020 Interview

Interview: Geraldine Brooks on Lessons from the 'Plague Village'

Sarah Breger, April 14 2020 interviews Geraldine Brooks about the Coronavirus and the lessons of the story of the village of Eyam.

She explores "social distancing" in the 17th century, the importance of good  leadership during quarantine and the theme of self sacrifice.

Texts in the City : Year of Wonders



View the videos of two sessions of Texts in the City at the Wheeler Centre. This series targets VCE students and aims to help them with their study of VCE texts.

In the first session, writer, reviewer and editor in chief of Bookseller + Publisher magazine, Matthia Dempsey  talks to Jenny Niven, associate director of the Wheeler Centre about the themes of class, faith, transformation and free choice in the novel, Year of Wonders.

Texts in the City (2011) : Year of Wonders

In the second session, writer, Toni Jordan and writer and researcher, Ruby J Murray discuss and explore Year of Wonders.

Texts in the City (2012): Year of Wonders



There have been numerous reviews written on the novel, Year of Wonders.

Read the reviews written in  newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald,  The Guardian and The New York Times.

Also read the reviews published on various literary web-sites, including Kirkus, LitLovers, and Bookreporter.


Eyam, Derbyshire

Historical Context

Access background information and information on the historical context of the novel to enhance your understanding,

The plague at Eyam

History Channel

Eyam Museum

Eyam and the Great Plague

BBC Local legends

The Great plague

Derbyshire Lead Mining History


BBC : The black death